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Troyan monastery

The Troyan Monastery is the third largest in Bulgaria, after Rila and Bachkovo. One of the three stavropigal monasteries in our country. It is located in the central Balkans, on the banks of the Osam River. It was founded around 1600. The legend of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God Troeruchitsa. There are two churches, two convents, a unique five-storey clock tower and monastery premises. Some of the murals are by Zachary Zograf. There is a portrait of him in the main church. The monastery was a major point during the April Uprising. Vasil Levski, Panayot Volov and many other revolutionaries and outlaws lived in it. Among the many scenes and icons are the figures of Cyril and Methodius, Dmitry Basarbovsky, St. Ivan Rilski, the Bulgarian Tsar Tervel - canonized as Trivelius, Tsar Boris - Michael, and in the lobby are the equestrian figures of Russian historical figures and saints - Princes Boris and Gleb. In the Troyan Monastery was a novice and the Bulgarian Patriarch Maxim, who was buried in the monastery church behind the icon of St. Theotokos Troeruchitsa.
Saeva Dupka Cave is one of the nine landscaped caves in Bulgaria. It is located near the village of Brestnitsa, Lovech region. Its name comes from the twin brothers Sue and Seyu, who used the cave as a refuge during the Ottoman rule. Animal bones, pottery and Roman coins were found during the landscaping of the cave. Saeva Dupka consists of 5 halls, the largest of which is the Landslide Hall. The first hall after the entrance is Kupena, so named because of the characteristic formation in the shape of a haystack. The second hall is the Landslide - it was formed during a big earthquake and is strewn with stone blocks. The next halls are Harmana, White Castle and Cosmos. Saeva hole is extremely beautiful - here are all kinds of cave formations - stalactites, stalagmites, sinter lakes, draperies and more. With its walls and ceiling covered with stone decorations, the cave creates the feeling that one is in a cathedral.