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Hotels in Kranevo
Therma Camp & Pool

Olympic pool camp
Sports building where it is possible to place athletes of different ages. The following services are provided:
Accommodation: rooms with 3 to 5 beds on two floors for athletes up to 14 years and from 14 to 17 years.
use of open multifunctional sites (on schedule);
use of an open athletics track (on schedule);
cleaning - once a week;
towels in the room - 1 hand and face towel, 1 large towel for the body and 1 beach;
Bed linen and towels are changed once every 3 days

Accommodation is only possible in shifts.
Accommodation with parents is prohibited.

Sports infrastructure in Therma Camp and Pool

Olympic training gym
o area - 290 m2
o Techno Gym equipment
o mirrors
o Swedish walls
o steps
o good ventilation

Choreographic hall Zeus

o area - 20x14.5x3.5 m
o choreography stands
o mirrors
o music speaker
o coating - parquet

Olympic pool - 50 m
The outdoor pool is 50 m long, 20 m wide (8 sails), with a depth of 1.8 to 2.5 m (water volume is 2234 m3).

The pool is designed and built at the most modern level. Starting platforms are installed on both sides of the pools, and eight starting pedestals with a height of 40 cm with an adjustable platform are installed on the deep side.
For professional and synchronized swimming, the swimming pool is equipped with false start indicators, underwater audio system, 6 descending ladders, 40 underwater lights, and everything you need for training and competitions.
The cleaning of the water in the pool is performed according to a scheme of technological circulation, including filters for rough and detailed cleaning, coagulation, system for automatic chlorination and regulation of the PH-balance. The water heating system allows the pool water to maintain a temperature between 26 and 28 ° C at any time of the year. All this ensures that during the entire period of use of the pool, the water will maintain the necessary qualities and temperature for swimmers.
In order to improve the swimming technique and to control the physiological parameters of the athlete during swimming, it is possible to use the adjustable speed water channel, which is located in the Terma Eco Hotel, in the 25-meter pool.
Black Sea Ice Arena

The ice rink "BLACK SEA ICE ARENA" is a large modern sports and training complex with a total area of 3300 square meters, with ice cover measuring 60x30 m, a grandstand for spectators over 400 seats.

The ice rink is designed for free skating, as well as for training and sports competitions in hockey, figure skating, short trekking or curling. The slide is open all year round.

The Austrian company "AST" is directly involved in the development of the project and its construction. The automatic regulation of the temperature regime of the ice surface, its smoothness and modern technology for smoothing the ice, allow to create exactly the type of ice that is needed for ice sports or only for figure skating.

In addition to the ice rink and grandstands for spectators, the complex has:
four specialized locker rooms for athletes with showers and toilets;
rooms for coaches, judges and support staff;
conference room;
choreographic hall;
wardrobe for the visitors of the complex with places for skating;
medical office;
room for drying skates and sports uniforms;
Panoramic bar-cafe for visitors, from which you can watch the athletes and sporting events on the rink.

The hall in which the ice rink is located is equipped with professional lighting with special effects, with all the necessary equipment for hockey matches, sports board and sound system. This allows not only training and competitions of athletes and teams, but also popular ice shows, discos and musical performances.

Hotel's facilities:
  • SPA
  • Sauna
  • Fitness
  • Laundry
  • Restaurant
  • Lobby bar
  • Park
  • Conference hall
  • Parking
  • Store
  • Internet
  • Tv
  • Telephone
  • Air-conditioner
  • Golf
  • Tennis-court
  • Outside pool