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General booking conditions:


When making a reservation, the User receives a confirmation / refusal of the e-mail specified by him within 48 hours.
The user is obliged to check the confirmed reservation for compliance with the desired parameters.
Nika Tour Ltd. reserves the right to cancel a confirmed and paid reservation in case the hotel refuses accommodation. In this case Nika tour Ltd. offers an alternative option for accommodation in the same or higher category. The user is obliged to accept or cancel a reservation within 48 hours without paying a penalty. In case of refusal to use the services, Nika Tour refunds the User the amount paid within 14 days after receiving the notice of refusal.

Each reservation must be paid within 48 hours of receipt of confirmation. Payment is made in BGN by BNB fixing, by credit card, by bank transfer or directly at the offices of Nika Tour OOD.

Changes and cancellations
Changes and Cancellations of reservations can be made by the User, according to the terms described in the "Conditions for changes and cancellations" of the hotel. Failure to comply with these deadlines, the difference between the amount paid for the reservation and the fine for partial or complete cancellation imposed by the hotel will be refunded to the User within 14 days.

The accommodation is done through an electronic voucher issued by Nika Tour Ltd. and personal documents certifying the identity of the User.

All prices are in euros. The prices are with VAT. It can be paid in BGN at the exchange rate of the BNB.
Nika Tour Ltd. is not responsible for technical errors in the publication of price offers, information materials from hoteliers, etc ..
Upon confirmation of the reservation, the final amount to be paid is confirmed.
Nika Tour is not responsible for lower prices announced at the reception.
Nika Tour reserves the right to change the prices and conditions of the offers published on the site. The changes do NOT apply to reservations already made and confirmed

All complaints must be noted on the spot by drawing up a Protocol signed by a representative of the administration of the site providing the tourist service and the User and, if necessary, other persons competent or authorized to certify the relevant facts and circumstances. In case the claims of the User related to the quality of the provided service cannot be satisfied on the spot during the provision of the service, the User has the right to file a duly filed complaint to Nika Tour in writing with the application of relevant evidence for the allegations. and requests, as well as other relevant documents, no later than 3 days after the end of the trip. The protocol is an integral part of the necessary documents for a complaint. Nika Tour is obliged to give its opinion on it to the User within 30 days after receiving the complaint.
For complaints submitted by the User in violation of the General Terms, Nika Tour does not proceed to their consideration and is not responsible. In these cases, the User bears independent property liability and is not entitled to any claims, recourse rights or claims to Nika tour.

The user guarantees that he is a person over 18 years of age

The user guarantees that the specified data, incl. personal, in the reservation form are correct and can be processed Nika tour Ltd. for official purposes, as well as to be provided to third parties in compliance with the requirements of the Act.